Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Other October Affairs

Sunsets and bike rides, and leaves galore, 
Gourmet night, a football game, some concerts, and more.

Running in neighborhoods, eating some donuts,
getting dressed up was a Halloween bonus.

Clouds that were pretty, and bright colored trees,
Hanging with friends, and did I mention, leaves?!

October was bangin', October was grand,
Now off to November, for adventures at hand.

I got the opportunity this month to help some friends, get my run on with Michelle, support a friend in a play, get dressed up and adult trick or treat with Emerald, and celebrate a KDS Halloween. Of course there was my New York trip, a relief society activity which got me thinking about gratitude, a ward Halloween party which I totally 0-assed (I didn't bring anything, didn't dress up, and didn't move from my table to socialize. I made people come to me to socialize ;) The Autumn leafs were INCREDIBLE, I shout. I could never capture them well enough with my camera, and oft times I didn't even try. I just sat back and enjoyed with my eyeballs. As much as I hate going there, the weather was perrrrfect. Thanks October, you were swell. (See? Look how grateful I am.)

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