Thursday, February 25, 2016

November 2015-Trinity Church and BPL

Trinity church is something I passed so many times while in Copley square, or at the library, but I never actually went in. I had tried to go to a religious service there, but it never worked out either because of my work schedule, other church schedule, or whatever else. But I went one evening to go on a self guided art and architecture tour and it was so lovely. I had the place to myself. The stained glass was impressive. I am sure way more amazing in the light, so I would suggest people go in the daytime, but there was something special about the place at night as well.

And of course I go to the Copley branch of the BPL whenever I can because it is gorgeous. Can anyone have enough photos of that library? Naw, I'll take a few more.

See? Love it. 

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