Wednesday, February 24, 2016

November 2015-JFK Library and Museum

The JFK Museum is incredible! I headed out there one Saturday afternoon and had myself an adventure. It took a little while to get there from Cambridge, but I thought it would be fine since it was all on the red line, but of course there was crazy construction. After switching lines, switching to a shuttle bus, etc. I got to the station. And then you have to take a shuttle to the museum. It was a madhouse at that station, and there are a ton of buses and shuttles. But I hopped on the one that pulled up and off we went. Until we arrived at a hotel and I was like..... whoops. I totally took the hotel shuttle, ahhhhk! I was just trying to embrace all the craziness of the day and enjoying the ride, but I was worried the museum would close without me. But the hotel shuttle guy was so, so nice. I explained what happened and he took me all the way to the museum.  I was so incredibly grateful! I would have missed the museum otherwise. Thank goodness for really nice people.


what an inspiring man, and a lovely tribute to him, Jackie, and others of the time. It was also great to learn more about Boston history of the time. I think this is a must see in the area, even if the ride down is tricky ;) I would do it all again.

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