Tuesday, February 23, 2016

November 2015-Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Did November happen? It was my last month in Boston, and was a blur. I was very busy (a bit stressed), but also had a good time soaking in some last minute things. Goodbyes were bittersweet. Sweet that I could celebrate the amazing friendships I have, and bitter because...goodbyes.

But hellos in December were all sweet. More on that later.

I took myself on all the dates I could in November. The weather was great, and the city was calling.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum is one of those places that I wanted to go to since DAY 1 of arriving in Boston. But go figure I never made it until my last month. It's so weird, because we were good to hit all of our must see places, but it never happened (Job had been, but not me). Well, I finally made it, and it is basically my favorite place in Boston. Go figure ;) If I had been before I would have gone so often. I am just glad I could experience it. It was a cleansing and relaxing experience. That sounds odd, but going by myself and having time to think about the art as well as life, was very enriching.

If we ever move back to Boston, I am moving into Isabella's house ;)

 The Fens just outside the museum. It is a lovely urban forest to wander through.

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  1. I love that place! Do you think you will have room to share? Cause I want to move in too :) And how did you get such awesome pictures? For some reason they didn't let us take pics when we were there. Oh well, I'll just look at yours :)