Wednesday, August 10, 2016

*Chirp, chirp*

Hello? Anyone there?

Oh good, it's empty. I can continue journal-ing silly things without worry of judgment ;) 

But honestly, I do need to get back into documenting our life, because I really love to have these posts to look back on. 

A few things have happened since November, 2015. 

  • I moved to Mexico to be with Job
    • did a lot of yoga
    • learned a bit of spanish
    • juiced every day
    • started a small business with my cousin (  
    • Job continued to play in the orchestra, teach at the university, perform chamber music concerts with his duo, and catch up with his family
    • Had a sunny, Mexican Christmas
  • We decided to move to Utah 
    • US! UTAH!
    • It's true. And we were (are) very happy and sure of the decision. It was the right thing for us at this time.
    • We drove 26 1/2 hours straight from Mexico to Utah in our little car, and only took what fit in said little car (it's how we prefer to move ;)
    • I got a job at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital, and Job got in to the University of Utah for a doctorate degree.
    • We moved to Provo with my family for a few months while looking for apartments, and then onto our current little abode in East Central Salt Lake City
  • And that is where you will find us today
    • Getting to know our new city
    • Missing Boston like crazy
    • But enjoying the mountains here
    • Looking for fun places to eat, and hikes to explore
    • Working at Peter Prier and Sons, teaching music lessons, and doing school-Job
    • Working at Huntsman, having fun living close to family, and slowly putting together an apartment- Rachael 

So far the best part of living in Utah is that there are SO many old friends here/LOTS of friends pass through to visit. And my family of course. They are pretty cool to be close to :)

Friends we haven't seen--(lots of you, we haven't actually hung out with many friends yet. I just know they are lurking here...) let's meet up! Oh wait, I am the only one reading...I forgot.

A "few" photos from Mexico (plus a couple from Job's visit to Boston in January when he took his students and helped with the Cambridge Violin Festival). In no order whatsoever, because I'm just proud of myself for getting this thing done.