Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pros and cons

Things I like about Salt Lake City so far:

-The little gems we have been able to find here and there. Locally owned shops, fun restaurants, quaint neighborhoods. Finding these have helped me feel at home.
-The hiking culture. It’s totally a thing. I need to break into it more. Who’s up for a hike?
-The numbered, straight streets- I am THEE most directionally challenged individual, so this has helped immensely. I still get a bit lost, but it’s not nearly as bad, or as often.
-Music. I love that it is supported and encouraged here! It’s obviously a big part of our lives, and living in a music friendly city is always a must.
-How much Job loves his job. That makes me happy, and thus, like Salt Lake.

Things I am still getting used to:

-It’s not Boston. I know, I know. I can’t help it.
-Some…interesting…cultural things/judgements from both “sides of the fence”. I’ll just leave it at that.
-Public transport is not quite as accessible (or as affordable) as some cities, though I do appreciate that they have the trax/frontrunner, and use it every day.
-I haven’t been able to find a website that tells me about good events before they are happening. I always seem to just hear about them after the fact, which doesn’t help. Any hints from locals on good websites/instagrams/facebook pages with fun things to do around the area (not necessarily kid friendly)? I had my “go to” sites in Boston, and felt well informed, but am kind of lost here as far as that goes.

We found a touch of home in SLC one of the first nights we wandered around ;) 

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