Friday, January 15, 2010

"Only Freaks and Wierdos ride the bus...." -Aunt Amy

I guess I have to be in one of those categories then because I took the bus to see my family last week, particularly my dad who is not doing well. I haven't ridden the bus in ages, and never alone. The first leg of my interesting journey ended up being an all night ordeal so I could get to Utah quickly. The coming home trip was during the day which I thought would be better but I found out something....

It is better in the dark because you can't see ALL of the "interesting" people around you (just a few of them ;). During the day I had full view of the motley crew that I rode with. I tell ya, between the cussing "from da hood" type couple to my left, the "homeless" guy with a tic in front of me and the young guy who rolled his own cigarettes every break, I felt a little out of place. Not to mention 90% of the bus took advantage of the breaks by busting out their various types of smokes. I guess I can just consider it intense exposure therapy to help me get used to life in Las Vegas.

To be fair, I am sure I seemed just as strange to them as they were to me.

We're not in Rexburg any more Toto!

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  1. I know how you feel! I never took a bus ride that far before...but bus riders are usually pretty scary! I'm glad you made it safely!!