Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Read

I have been wanting to share this blog for a while. It is written by a friend of mine from nursing school and is called Writings of An Infertile Ballerina.  She has recently taken up ballet as an adult to take her mind off of infertility, and has been blogging about her experiences. It is a great read. She includes fun shopping tips, health advice, uplifting videos, exercises and more. I like it because it is unique to her, honest, and well rounded. 
She is even doing a giveaway right now for a cool pedicure kit! Bonus people, bonus. (Tell her I "sent" you. haha that makes it sounds like I have power or something ;)

Now go on, check it out. Shoo. ;)


  1. Thanks Rachael! I am excited to start following your blog too. I didn't realize you had one. Keep in touch.

    Jen Nelson

  2. cute. i like that you are "shoo"ing us away from your blog :) seems like a great book! <3