Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our "Bachelor" date

Except there were not 24 other girls, and we didn't fly in a helicopter. But last night Job took me on a date to Tanglewood and it was just amazing. Here are some reasons how Job gave Brad a run for his money:

-We didn't have a helicopter but we did drive there in a fancy car (our '92 Honda, heck to the yeah!)
-The wind was in our face a la convertible style (our AC broke and we rolled down the windows)
-We drove through the lovely Berkshires area in Western Mass which has amazing scenery.
-Indulged in a beautiful picnic on the Tanglewood grounds which included artichokes, lobster dip, hummus, fresh fruit, European chocolate and other tasty morsels. (what do they eat on the Bachelor? I would like to know...)
-Had a private (we just invited a couple thousand close friends to join us) concert by some amazing names in film and music. It was film night at Tanglewood so the Boston Pops were playing, John Williams was conducting, Morgan Freeman narrated, and Gil Shaham was the soloist. How's that for a roundup of total studs?! I loved the movie montages they showed on the big screens while the film music was playing. So fun!
-Got to cuddle in a blanket the whole time while candles flickered all around us.
-Once we got home we had a fantasy suite all to ourselves... ;)

So eat your heart out ABC. When I see this exact date replicated on the next season I will know why. It was the perfect mix of "real life" and "magical fairy tale".

Job, I love you. It was seriously such a wonderful, romantic date and I enjoyed it immensely. You are the best. 
No really, you are.


  1. that sounds so sweet and magical! :)

  2. That was one cool date...

    lovely and sweet ♥

    Props to you both ♥