Friday, August 26, 2011

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

East Coast has been popular with the natural disasters lately eh? I was somewhat disappointed that I didn't even feel a shimmy or shake during the earthquake (nada.) but I am thinking Irene will up the excitement level. I hope not too exciting though. I want it to rain just enough for me to tell everyone "sorry guys, can't go out today-just look at that rain". That's all. Cuddling and watching movies with Job all weekend sounds A-O.K. to me.

On the To Do list for today:
Buy flashlight and batteries
Buy {more} candles
Charge up everything
Buy an extra case of something for our food storage
Fill up car with gas
Bake some bread (just because it sounds good :)

Let the cuddling commence!

Oh and since it is Friday and all:
Sometimes I miss these teeny tiny girls. Now they are old, dating, going to high school and even *gasp* college!
But no matter how old they get they will always be "The Little Girls" in our family.

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  1. Way to be prepared! I hope she doesnt give you too much trouble either and you enjoy your cuddle time, lady!