Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gourmet night fail

This month's gourmet night was hosted by the lovely Ashley. I was so excited to go this month because her apartment is so cute, and it was going to be a fun small group of women there. Well it was extra small because I never made it :( That's right, Boston traffic on Red Sox vs. Yankees game day + concert at the Hatch Shell got me. I sat creeping along for an hour and 20 min. and was only about half way there. Mind you, it should only take me about 20-25 min. to get to her place. Sad, sad day. I ended up just turning around and heading home because at the rate I was going I would have showed up after the whole thing was over.

The theme was Summer Vacation and here's what I had Job cook for me to take (haha cheating much? I know, I shamefully took advantage of my wonderful husband who can cook Mexican food like there's no tomorrow). Obviously it never made it all the way there so we had a big bowl of coctel de camaron all to ourselves the next few days.

Here's to hoping I can make it to September's gourmet night. Otherwise I might go through some fancy food withdrawals or something ;)

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