Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everyday Joys

Short story:
Little things make me feel so blessed and happy. This morning was just one of those quiet, unassuming mornings. Nothing big planned, just a couple of hours with my sweet husband that just refreshed me and made me grateful for my life.

Long story:
Job and I took our car in to the mechanics early this morning for a funny sound it was making. We dropped it off, then walked to get bagels and hot chocolate for breakfast.
Awesome #1 because bagels and hot chocolate for breakfast is great, plus it was the perfect overcast day to walk and sip hot chocolate.

Once we returned to our car we found out it was a minor fix and we were good to go. For free no less. This is why we drive 40 min. to our mechanic. It's worth it. Awesome #2.

Since it took hours less than we anticipated, and was significantly less expensive, we decided to stick around this cute suburban town and wander.
We became members of a new library system, kissed amongst the books, and planned to get some cool library museum passes.
We decided we just love the tree lined streets in Massachusetts suburbia, but we also love the city too much to leave it. So it's city for us (for now at least). 
We sat in the car and read library books.
We wandered each isle of a tiny trader joes (our first trip there) and got fun goodies (think soy chorizo and chili spiced mango, yum). Awesomes # 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Then we drove home to continue on with our separate busy days. But for a few hours this Wednesday morning we got to leisurely spend time together, just doing normal, seemingly mundane tasks. But today I felt especially blessed to be able to do them.

Why did I take the time to write this down? Because I think attitude has a lot to do with happiness, and I want to remember these little moments in which I was very happy with simple things. Because life is happier when we find joy in everyday.

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  1. You are fabulous Rach, I love this. Attitude is everything. You are such a talented little writer! Keep it up, I love reading it!