Friday, May 18, 2012

Job's recital

I have neglected to document a very important moment in Job's life and academic career. Bad wife. I haven't forgotten I just keep putting it off. Along with about 20 other posts I need to write.

So now, I present to you, Job's Graduate Violin Recital

First off, I can't find a digital copy of one, but Job and a friend of his made these awesome invitations which he passed out to friends and community members. He took this whole recital very seriously and worked so hard. He gave about 5 pre-concerts at senior centers, churches, community centers etc... and passed out invites there too. As a result the recital hall was packed to the brim with so many people who appreciate his talent. It was a great feeling.

                        Getting ready at home-                                           Warming up in the green room
                    clipping fingernails is a must for
                                 a musician :)

 After with his amazing pianist Nomin.

A few more of the professional photos he had taken

 What an incredibly handsome man I married. I love him a whole bunch.
(He had some other great pictures too, but I can't seem to find them on our computer at the moment...and I just really want to get this post up now seeing as it is months overdue ;)

Bravo Jobito, it was an beautiful concert!
This recital was in December, and now he has just graduated with his Masters!! Woohoo, special post about that coming right up.

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  1. Welcome back Rach! Congratulations Job! and nice pics