Friday, May 25, 2012

Taaake me out to the Boston Pops

Because I am not able to access pictures from my trip/graduations/important stuff, I am putting off blogging the big stuff to bring you another date night post. Because I love date night. Have you noticed yet?

Job asked me out on this week's date and took me to sports night and Dropkick Murphys at the Pops last night.

 (I really don't even know what's with that JVD looking thing going on. ew.)

Let's be real, I am not a hugely athletic or sporty person myself, but I love to go to live sporting events, I always get a little emotional at the olympics, Boston marathon, etc... and plus, living in Boston has made me loyal to the awesome teams here.  So this was a really fun night to celebrate the amazing teams Boston has and some great athletes that have come out of this city. And of course, enjoy the fantastic music.

And I really loved it because I got to hold Job's hand, sing 'Sweet Caroline' with my hands in the air, and watch people scrambling all over symphony hall to catch flying t-shirts.

Some cruising around with the moon roof open, nachos, and an episode of Fresh Prince added a nice finishing touch to the evening.

Date night well done lover, I now must attempt to come up with something awesome for next week's date. Be prepared for awesomeness.

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