Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our quiet and peaceful Christmas

I don't mind stretching Christmas out a bit here, it is nice to keep it going throughout the year right?

Job and I had a very simple, sweet, and quiet Christmas. It was wonderful. We didn't exchange gifts with each other on that day (Kings Day, January 6th is present day for us), but gave some to others and opened some from friends and family.

We had a luscious lunch with some friends, along with a showing of The Grinch :) Thanks for hosting Navas! You helped make our Christmas special.

After lunch we took desert to go so I could take Job to join me at work :) That's right, December 25th was "Take your husband to work day"! We just worked 4 hours in the afternoon and it was a lot of fun to do it together. Job left the medical stuff to me and he took care of the music. He brought his violin to play for my patient and he loved it! It was so cute to see them singing and playing together. My little guy nicknamed Job "Raffi" because he is musical. Too cute.

After work we finally got around to stockings and gifts, and talking to our families. Just spending time together was nice. And of course remembering the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Christmas is a beautiful holiday and I still get excited about it each year.

And I do believe this is the only photo I took on Christmas day. I will take 50 photos of us eating Thai food on a Tuesday but documenting Christmas? Meh. ;)
I guess it is just a sign we were enjoying ourselves so much that we forgot :)

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