Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Beach, Italians, and Ice cream

*sometimes you just have to write these simple moments down, because they are special and worthwhile*

It wasn't in my plan to take a walk this evening. I had a "to do" list a mile long and was in the middle of scanning a document when there was a knock at our door. It was our neighbor Sue (you've heard about her before. She is our spunky Italian grandma who lives upstairs and is our landlord). She of course had food for us (stuffed zucchini blossoms), but I also noticed she looked like she was headed out. Well, she was going on one of her daily walks around the neighborhood, and it was a lovely evening, and by gollly I invited myself right along. Computers slammed shut, shoes hurried on, a quick "see-you-soon-I-am-taking-a-walk-with-Sue" to Job and we were out the door.

It was as refreshing a walk as I remember in a long time. I usually rush places, even during a leisure walk I am speedy. Walking with Sue forced me to slow down a bit, to just enjoy what was around me. It reminded me we have an adorable neighborhood beach I need to visit more often. I was introduced to a large number of the older Italians in the area who had similar plans for the evening. I even got a kiss and an invite to a dapper gentleman's house ("we'll just send your husband a post card, he'll be fine" he said).

And just as we about got home we passed it; the little ice cream parlour down the street I have never tried but wanted to. Sweet Sue, she ushered me right in (without me saying anything) and bought be the most delicious scoop of ice cream, meant to be eaten on a warm summer night. And then she insisted on me bringing one home to Job.

So we two ladies sat in that ice cream parlour and chatted, like two old friends, despite age differences. Because who cares that there is over 60 years between us? It hardly is relevant, especially when ice cream and friendly gossip is involved.

My list is still here as I get home, but I get back to it refreshed. A walk wasn't in my plans, but maybe it should be from now on.

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