Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Week Long Double Date-Part 2, Fun edition

This date was not only about food, but also lots of fun! Kristin and Kendall are adventurous and we got out a did a lot of things while they were here. They also did a bunch while Job and I were at work/school too. Not pictured-aquarium, freedom trail, museum of science, Revere Beach and seafood with Job, etc...

At night after the adventures during the day we would all crash at home to hang out. This usually involved some Mike's pastries, a fun movie or silly videos, hair masks for the ladies, and lots of giggling (for the boys ;).

Some of the activities on the epic date included, seeing Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse. (We were singing the bum song the rest of the trip.), wandering about the public garden late at night (there in no one else there at that time. Weird/cool), olive oil tasting at the Boston Olive Oil co., kayaking on the Charles river, hiking up Bunker Hill Monument, and a Sam's picnic in the park.

I think we all want a second date, so we are feeling good about where the relationship is headed ;) We love you guys, thanks for taking the time to come out and see us!

 Late night park gazing. Try it sometime. Very deep.
 Funny videos on the T. I am thinking "tight pants" might be playing at this particular time...

 Kendall conquered Bunker Hill!
Oops, more food, how did that get here? ;) No Boston trip would be complete without Woody's.

Bye KK! We are planning our next date already. In your city this time?

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  1. I think it is our turn to plan the next date, we have some good things in mind : ) it looks like this relationship is solid, built on food, fun and good times!