Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mom, Melia and Eliza Boston Trip 2013

Back in June (catching up, as always) mom Young was just doing her thing, being all awesome as an alternate delegate for the National Dental Hygiene convention. It just so happened that this year's convention was in Boston, hurray! She brought out Melia and Eliza with her and we lived it up.

Because mom was working for part of the trip, and so were Job and I, Mel and Liza were adventurous and did some things on their own. It was the best when we all got together and where able to see some sights. They helped us usher in Summer, and we got a lot of our Summer Bucket list knocked out in a week and a half ;)

The best times were just hanging out, laughing, eating ice cream, playing "dumb ways to die" marathons (it's a game. Kind of macabre but funny), laughing, and being together (cheesy-true). They also helped celebrate my birthday on the 23rd and I couldn't have asked for a better gift than their presence.

We love you all and are so grateful you made the trip out here to visit. Come back soon!

 We kicked off Summer with a trip to the Boston Harbor Islands.

 We found a creepy, random door in the ground....

I love this picture for some reason :)

Beautiful mama

Cuties :)

At Fenway for a game 

Yay for family!

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  1. I bet that was lots of fun! So glad your family travels out to see you on the east coast! Love family!