Saturday, September 12, 2015

Job's Birthday Interview 2015

This guy is incredible, and my everything. Happy 31st babe.
(last year's interview here)
Age: 31
What are you doing in life: Working. I am a violinist, a member of the Monterrey symphony orchestra, and also a violin teacher, professor at UANL, and I coach the youth orchestra of Monterrey. I also freelance a lot.
What are your goals for this year: Have my wife with me ASAP, completely pay off all debt (student loans), solo more in career. Have at least 3 solo concerts (or chamber, duo, as a guest of an orchestra). Personal: Remodel our house, expand our family. Take my wife and parents on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska.
What is your currency favorite t.v. show? I don’t have time to watch t.v.
What makes you laugh? When a kid says a joke or something funny. I.e. I knelt down to talk to one of my small students (7 years old)-she touched my cheeks and then my eyes, and said “you look like you need to sleep more!” haha “thank you, yes I do”
Kids: 0. I would like to have a kid next year.
Kids by 32 (guess): 1
Calling in church: Home teacher
Favorite piece to play right now: Mozart 2nd violin concerto
Favorite hobby/leisure activity:  Cook. I haven’t had time, but I would like to more.
What do you want for your next birthday:  A baby.
What do you want to do for your next birthday? Have my family with me at home, bake a cake together.
Where will you be living next year? Monterrey
What car do you drive: What’s left of a Toyota corolla
(Jobs' question to himself) What do I need to do to be a good father, what things can I do now to inspire my future children to be good people?: Read my scriptures daily without fail. Just the same way I go to work every day with fail, I need to do the same with scriptures. Not just read, but really ponder. Really make them a source of inspiration.
How do I feel about being 31? Same, feels like I’m 15.
Advice to your 32 year old self: Keep pressing on forward. Trials will end, they are not forever. Gotta Remind myself of that. If I do that, I’ll be better off.

And a little birthday video I made for mi Jobito

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