Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 Year in Review

Before it gets too late, our year in review! 

January: Rang in the new year at First Night Boston. Job started his last semester of grad school! We got to play parents for a week as we babysit for a family we love. Rachael started researching new work opportunities (becoming a MassHealth RN).

February: We learned about dates, made our first batch of homemade cheese, Job had audition in NYC on Valentines day so Rachael spent the evening with the Genzales, bless their hearts. We bid a sad farewell to Hubert, and bought a new car. We got into living room camping in a big way and haven't looked back.

March: We took a trip to Vermont, Rachael helped a friend with a school production of Beauty and the Beast, Job rocked out the opera Don Giovanni. Job got into yoga. 

April: Job had a biometrics appointment to renew his green card. He also grew out his hair and we had fun with it. Rachael took a fantastic trip to Utah to see her family. We were called to be Boston Temple workers.

May: Mom Young came to Boston and spend a wonderful week & 1/2 with us! Job graduated with his Masters Degree in Violin Performance from the Boston Conservatory- Big day! Took a fun trip to RI. Boston Pops season started.
June: Rachael had a fantastic birthday. Job surprised her by building a beautiful planter for our porch, organized a group gift of a sewing machine, and she also got some favorite oils from mama Young, etc. She hit the jackpot really-(in the family and friends area)

July: We celebrated 4th of July by watching fireworks from atop the East Boston Madonna (as in Mary) shrine after Rachael got off work late that night. Rachael's sweet grandma (who she shares a name with, and is a favorite grandchild of ;) passed away and went to go see her Heavenly Father and be reunited with her son, Rachael's dad.

August: Took our first trip to Cape Cod. Job took a 2 1/2 week trip to Mexico to see his familia. Rachael missed him. Rachael was clumsy and cut her palm open and go stitches. Rachael helped throw a baby shower for a friend.

September: Rachael finally got to full time at work, happy day. Job turned 28, Rachael was said his trip to Mexico was his gift ;) But they did have fun celebrating around Boston. Got to see Blue Man Group.

October: MassHealth RN paperwork finally went through, which meant new work opportunities and a raise for Rachael. Job had his 1st GPD recital and blew everyone away with how amazing he played. Apple picking, leaf peeping, doughnut eating, and general Autumn festivities commenced. Got a new camera which made Rachael happy and Job happy because Rachael was happy. Lived through Hurricane Sandy.

November: We voted after following politics a lot all throughout the year (well, Job can't officially vote yet, but he was very involved in politics and supported Rachael's vote :). Rachael took a weekend trip to Utah for Kristin's (sister) wedding and to see family. Job missed her. We were grateful.

December: Job broke his elbow clean in two playing basketball with the guys. We were sad, worried, nervous, and worried some more. Job had surgery that went well and started O.T., things started to heal very well, we were calm again. We enjoyed 12 (modified) Christmas dates, and celebrated the birth of our Savior. We enjoyed the quiet of Boston with everyone gone for the Holidays. We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary with much rejoicing. Rachael really does think Job is the tops.

We are grateful for an eventful year. We are loving where we live, and the wonderful people we have been blessed to associate with. We miss everyone far away and love to have visitors! Hopefully some of you can be on the 2013 year in review ;)


The Salazars

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  1. You guys are so cute!! Sounds like you had one eventful year. Hope you have an amazing 2013. :)

    -Alisha Benson