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Year in Review-2013

It's never too late for a year review! 2013 was a dynamite year for us. Lots of fun, lots of hard work, some disappointments, some successes, lots of good, some bad. I do appreciate the difficulties thrown in there (not at the moment maybe, but later). It helps us grow stronger as a family, in our separate duties and activities, and in sealing our position as a power couple that can handle anything (joking, joking!). The good overcame the bad stupendously, and we recognize that we are more than blessed with our lot.

How about a nice, organized breakdown by month, mmmk?

January-We had a relaxed New Years celebration this year and then got down to business the rest of the month. I made it a goal to take all the work I could, which turned out to be quite a lot. As such the month was a bit of a blur, but we did enjoy activities and fun nearly every night like book club, gourmet night, dinner with friends, dates with each other, concerts, middle school play, missionaries to dinner, baptisms, etc.. Phew! Together we spent a week with our adopted family the McQuiveys and played house as we tended the kids. Job started strengthening his elbow after a rest from the surgery, and started swimming again. We hosted our first virtual date night with siblings in Utah. A Chopped challenge for all! We also gave Kings Day due attention this year and had a blast.

February- Month of love, month of Nemo! The huge Winter Storm Nemo passed through leaving several feet of snow and lots of opportunities for fun. I enjoyed helping with the baby shower of a wonderful friend. Job was my inspiration to work out every day! I got to go to a movie premiere with some friends (it was freeee :) We spent Valentines day where eternity started for us- the temple.  We had another overnight babysitting gig, man we are going to get good at that. My sister Maren came to spend a week with us before leaving for her mission to South Korea. We had the best time with her and got to see and try a lot of awesome things while she was here. Salem, an authors tour, our fave restaurants and some new ones, beauty nights at home, concerts, museums and more. It snowed a few more times on top of snow, and it seemed like it would be a Winter Wonderful for a while.

March- March we gathered the people who found little baby Jesus dolls in our Kings Day rosca de reyes and had a tamale party. We started to feel Spring coming!...But then the weather tricked us and we got a few more snow storms. St. Patrick's day felt extra festive as we enjoyed a traditional meal with friends, and we supplied the bread from one of the cutest bakeries in the Boston area. A party at our place with Job's studio from school turned our house into the best Asian restaurant in town. A very Happy Easter!

April-Spring really did start coming and we saw the flowers to prove it. Our city was greatly affected by the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. We played, traveled, and ate, and ate some more. Things also got really cheesy at our house. Like, really cheesy.

May-A happy mother's day to the women in our lives. Kristin and Kendall came out for a superb visit and we painted the town. Blue man group, fantastic restaurants, kayaking the Charles, walks around the city, museums, a leg killing hike up Bunker Hill, and lots of laughing and hanging out at home. Job helped organize the 3rd annual Cambridge Violin festival.  He totally owned his performance. That guy never ceases to amaze me.

June-Mom Young came out for a national dental hygiene conference and brought Melia and Eliza with her to come party with us. We had the best time ushering in Summer on the Boston harbor islands, catching a Red Sox game, working out, laughing a whole bunch, eating even more, swimming in Walden pond, museums, and spending lots of quality time together. We really love our families. Happy 23rd birthday to me!

July- Job went to Napa Valley for a violin festival and got to meet up with my Aunt in San Francisco. I was at home holding down the fort until I left to meet him in Mexico for our epic trip. We took 100's of pictures, and made even more memories. I wrote an intense 7 posts about it here on the blog. I couldn't help it, it was a really cool trip.

August- Our trip to Mexico concluded and we got back to real life. But with a new appreciation for everything. It brought a spring to our step, and a really great tan for Job. We soaked up that last of our Summer. I took a work trip to the beautiful white mountains of New Hampshire and enjoyed my yearly solo road trip up there.

September- Happy 29th birthday Job! Enjoy this last year in your 20's ;) I started to be a mentor for a non-native English speaker through the BYU-I pathways program. It was a great experience. Voting for a new mayor of Boston came and Job and I cast our one vote together. I renewed my love of hiking, and Job began his.

October- Job took a trip to Mexico city (and took about 3 pictures to show for it ;) My sister Becca made a fabulous Fall trip out here to visit us and see some sites. We peeped some leaves, took a hay ride, picked apples, hiked, went to the temple, took a spooky manor tour, ate at our favorite joints, introduced Becca to her first lobster, hiked Bunker hill, and Becca also was an adventurer and hit some sites while we were working. A long overdue blog post about her trip to come :)

November-There was more Boston fun to be had, and we tried to take advantage of all that we could. We had out own little Dia del muerto fiesta and baked some really good pan de muertos (if we do say so) We hosted a student from Italy in our home for 6 weeks. I tried out a new commute using public transportation while our car took a little break. It was a long commute out to where I work, but I learned some things from it, and even made some new friends as I got my route down. We had a lot to be grateful for as we celebrated Thanksgiving.

December- We had our annual 12 dates of Christmas which took us all over and got us in the Christmas spirit. I chopped off 14 inches of hair. We got a few photos taken for our first ever Christmas card. We were very excited and delighted to herald in our 4th wedding anniversary and had a fun stay-cation to celebrate. We had a quiet and sweet Christmas day. We ended the year with a bang and surprised Job's family in Seattle for New Years Eve.

Ok, writing all that I really can't remember much of the bad. We have it really good, and I only hope we can recognize that daily and try to spread the love. It was a glorious 2013 and we welcome 2014 with open arms! (I can't believe it's already 1/12th over....).

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  1. McKay says Job looks really distinguished with his hair how it is below. You look so cute too